Available Dogs


Deeno is small in stature but big in energy and heart. Weighing in at just 12 lbs, this Yorkie mix is our smallest available dog. He is still young at about a year and a half old, but full grown and ready to settle down with his soulmate person. He’s energetic, playful and adventurous, so he’s up to doing whatever you’re doing! Toys are his kryptonite – he’ll play with them all day, tossing, shaking, squeaking, having a blast. 

He would be ideal for someone needing motivation to stay active and entertained, plus needing comfort during quiet times. With his bubbly energy, he would do best with access to a yard where he can run and play. Once he’s tired out, Deeno is a snuggle master and will be happy to be your pint-sized spoon. He does well with dogs and cats, but people, are his favorite and is still looking for “The One”.


Peanut is our youngest and most stylish pup with his head-turning silky coat and expressive, perky ears. He is about a year old and has the puppy energy to show it. He loves playing with his dog and people friends, but his two most favorite activities are tug and cuddling. He can entertain himself for hours with his rope toys, but loves when you join in on the fun. He will reward you with an ultimate snuggle sesh at the end of the day. (His nickname is Sir Hugs-a-lot after all).

He is looking to settle down with his tug/cuddle partner for life and would do best with room to zoom and someone who can keep up with his zest for an adventurous life. Peanut would be a great companion for someone wanting to stay active but also needing the soothing touch of an affectionate dog. He is ready and waiting for his perfect match!


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